Oddity Esports

Oddity is a professional esports organisation founded in early 2018 based in Australia

Three distinct individuals bringing numerous skills and diversity to the team and charting a course for success. We pride ourselves on our member’s attitudes, our reputation and the time and care that we invest into all of our members and external parties. Oddity Esports are currently active and competing across several genres and have experience competing in several more. We maintain an active stream team and deliver additional services and support above and beyond the norm to all of our members.

Fighting Game Community Australia has a thriving community centered around fighting games. In the past, Oddity has focused on First Person Shooter (FPS) games and has been our bread and butter… Six Masters ’19 – Melbourne Esports Open The final week of August saw the conclusion of the Melbourne Esports Open (MEO) and subsequently Oddity Esports’ first ever LAN event… Oddity Exit PUBG The conclusion of July has also seen the conclusion of Oddity Esports’ PUBG team. The team has done amazing work under our banner and we could not be more proud of them.


At the core of everything we do, our values:

Respect, Genuine, Excellence, Teamwork and Quality.

Guiding us forward to becoming the “Biggest champion for quality and growth of the esports Industry”. We accommodate that little spark of excitement and interest in esports that can captivate every individual.


One of the best orgs I’ve ever been apart of and I’m so grateful for the time and relationships I’ve built with Oddity Esports and how far Luke has gotten me in he R6 community as I was pretty much a nobody but Oddity took me under their wing which I will never forget and I hope I continue to remain in the Oddity family love. – WOOFN

I would like to say I loved playing for Oddity, the management team was very supportive and definitely one of the best Organisations I have ever played under. I would like to thank you all for giving me the opportunity to play for such an amazing team I will be watching you guys and support you hoping you grow.


I’ve had a great time being a part of this org it has given me opportunities that I wouldn’t of had if I was org-less and I thank you guys for that. I also enjoyed the active sponsors revolving around the org and how you guys made it feel like a little family. All up it has been a great time and it’s sad that we couldn’t continue this team because I’ve had so much fun with it, once again thank you for the ride. – SLAGSY

My time at oddity was a long one. The year I spent with Oddity was the best year I could have asked for. Everyone is family and that’s what I respect and admire about the Organization I devoted my time to! I wish the best to everyone for the future and I will never forget the amazing times spent with the family, you will not be forgotten!