Team Razer Partnership


Six months ago we picked up our first partner, with Tomahawk Jerky coming on board. In the space of six months, we’ve now brought our third and arguably largest partner on board. We are ecstatic to officially announce our partnership with Team Razer.

Team Razer are the esports branch of Razer, who are designing and building the world’s largest gamer-focused ecosystem of hardware, software and services. Razer was founded in 2005 with Headquarters in San Francisco and Singapore, Razer has 18 offices worldwide and is recognised as the leading brand for gamers in the USA, Europe and China.

Team Razer are all about growth through competition, elevating the game and each other to become the shining crown atop the leaderboards.

With Team Razer coming on board, it’s a testament to all the hard work from all of the players, streamers, managers, content creators and behind the scene work that goes into creating our community. Having such a successful, high quality, well known international business believe in Oddity above all other organisations is a better reference than anything we could individually say or do here at Oddity.

We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Team Razer and cannot wait to represent the triple-headed snake!

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